What is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse Training - Module 1

Time estimate: 1 minute

Topics: Lighthouse, Lib Dem systems and tools


Lighthouse is the membership management tool for local parties. It holds data on your members, supporters and other contacts in your local area.

Lighthouse can be used to:

  • View and edit your local members’ details
  • Manage your local party’s details
  • Manage your local branches, if you have them
  • Record Donations, Loans and PPERA returns (for Treasures and officers supporting with finances)
  • Search for different groups of members and create reports


What does Lighthouse fit with our other systems?

Lighthouse holds the membership data for your local party. It syncs overnight with Connect, however, there are some problems with this sync, so not all membership data is currently being transferred. 

Lighthouse is not an email sending platform, you will need to use your Prater Raines or MailChimp account to send emails. Emails in Lighthouse automatically sync with Prater Raines, they need to be manually synced with MailChimp.

The purpose of Lighthouse is to manage your members, not your volunteers and voters.