Your essential Campaigning Database

Connect provides you with the tools you need to get in touch with your voters and build your supporter base, door by door.

Experienced campaigners will be delighted to learn that we're retaining Connect as a tool for the party and will be focusing on improving its integration with the party's other systems, so you have more actionable campaign data in the platform.

Connect is a campaigning database that provides local campaign teams with the tools they need to get in touch with voters and build their supporter base. Connect contains all the best campaigning tools needed to manage sophisticated data-centred campaigns in the 21st Century. With Connect, local teams can easily engage volunteers, manage canvassing activities, and report on their progress.

As part of this project, we're working hard to make Connect even more powerful for you to use.

We'll soon be launching a new and improved Connect / Lighthouse integration that'll be the starting point for a major project to tidy up our data on Connect, so that you can make the most out of it at a local level.

You can find out more about Connect here.