How to complete the migration checklist

Find out what you need to do to complete the migration checklist

To get ready to move from your current tools to Fleet & Targeted email, we're asking people to complete the migration checklist. Find out how to do this here.

In moving to Fleet, we want to make sure we don't lose content, images and data that might be held on the sites you're transferring from.

The HQ team will be making backups and will move as much data as we can from our end, but for some of this to happen, we'll need your local knowldege to help us make sense of things!

That's why we're asking people to complete the migration checklist. Once a group has signed up and completed the migration checklist, they'll be eligible to move to the new tools, so if you want to move quickly or get your hands on the new tools first, then you need to get your skates on!

How to complete the migration checklist

  • To complete this step, you need to log onto Lighthouse and navigate to the "Organisation" page.

    From there, click edit and you'll see fields for Website & Email Tool* fill the fields out with what you use currently and click save.

    *Email tool is being added in the June release of Lighthouse, so you may need to go back and add this later!

  • Most Liberal Democrat websites need a way for people to find their MP, Councillors and local party. We're going to be building on our existing In Your Area tool to power many of these pages. That's why it's essential you take the time to enter your Councillors on Lighthouse.

    The People pages on your website as well as the results shown on the In Your Area tool will be powered by this data that you've entered on Lighthouse and getting this entered in advance will ensure that these pages are ready and done when your new site gets handed over.

    You only need to input the latest election results for each elected representative and you can find instructions on how to do this here:, or on Lighthouse

    This will also ensure that the HQ team knows who the party's Councillors are, how the public can contact them and ensure that they can get tailored support and votes in internal elections - so it's well worth doing!

  • When you get your new website, for the most part it'll be a blank template that you'll need to populate with content. You can see what the template will look like by checking out the local party demo site.

    We've also published a news article on why the demo site is structured the way it is, so you can understand our thinking.

    It'll be much easier for you to add your content and publish your site if it's up to date. That's why we're asking you to take a look at your existing content, update it and get ready to move that way.

    You should update it on either your current site, or in another platform (like Word or Google Docs) so that you're ready to copy and paste when you get access to your new site.

    If you just want to start again from scratch, that's fine too! Just let the HQ team know that's what you're planning!

  • Images can be what makes or breaks a website. Fleet will have an archive of images that is shared between all of our sites and to make sure you have the images you need, we're asking you to upload them to a Google Drive folder that we'll share with you once you start the migration process.

    We'll then upload these to the image library for you so that they're ready to use on the site.

    For these images, wherever possible, we need you to upload the original high-resolution and unedited images to the folder we share. Images will have different formats on Fleet to what they had on your legacy tools and might need to be edited to display well - if we're editing already edited and compressed images, then you'll end up with a significant loss of quality and sadly, some of your images looking terrible!

  • Every few weeks the HQ team has to help someone recover a domain that a former member owns, that didn't have the bill paid on time and that has been lost as a result. This causes disruption to our ability to campaign and no end of stress for us and you. So, as part of an effort to eliminate this in the future, with Fleet, we're planning to own all of the domains centrally.

    In the new system, Lib Dem HQ will own all of the party's domains and they'll be paid for centrally. You'll get one domain included with Fleet and be able to add on more domains if you like.

    You'll need to contact the HQ team to migrate your domains, so when you're ready to do this, reply to the email you've got from (or email us!) and we can talk you through it. We'll need to know where your domain is hosted at the moment (123-reg, GoDaddy etc), if you've got any custom services set up on it (Validation for Facebook adverts, Google Workspace, Microsoft O365 etc) and ideally, we'll get an export of your DNS Zone file (fear not, we'll give you instructions on how to get this, so contact us!).

    Once that's done, we just have to change one field on your domain and it'll move across to the party's central registry of domains.

  • This step is only relevant to current Nationbuilder customers.

    Tags on Nationbuilder are the way in which data is usually stored and for the migration process, we'll be asking people to map their existing tags to Connect questions, so we can import voting intention data, survey responses and petition signatures from your website, into Connect so that we can use it in Targeted Email.

    So if you have campaigns, petitions or surveys that you want to know who has signed after Nationbuilder is shut down, you need to make sure that they've been tagged.

    You can check if a page is setting a tag by opening the page in question in the admin area and going to the page type settings (this will be called something like "Petition Settings" or "Signup Settings" and checking what is being applied in the "Tag the signer with" field. You should then be able to check that the number of people with those tags matches the number of people who signed your peitition.

    If no tags have been applied, or the number is off, contact the HQ team by replying to the email we sent you or by emailing and we can talk you through getting the right tags applied.

  • This step is only relevant to current Nationbuilder customers, or Mailchimp customers

    If you're currently using either Mailchimp or Nationbuilder, we'll send you a spreadsheet with all of your tags in it. We'll then ask you to fill this out, so we know how to map your data.

    Tag Map to Cycle Question Response Saved List Name Notes
    Roads Petition Question 2022 Roads Petition Yes    
    Voted Lib Dem 2017 Question 2017 UK Wide Voter ID Lib Dem    
    2022 Executive Saved List       2022 Executive  
    Admin 260522 Don't map          
    Import 200122 Don't map          
    Abbey Don't map          

    In the table above, we have three example tags that have been mapped. We'll walk you through how we've mapped them and how to make similar decisions for your data.

    In the first row, we have a tag relating to a petition. This petition was launched in 2022 and so we've deciced to map it to a local question, Roads Petition, to indicate that people have signed it.

    In the second, we have a voting intention tag from 2017, so we've mapped it to a relevant voting intention tag from 2017

    In the third row, we have a list list of people who are on the Executive, as this is a fixed list that shouldn't change too much in the year, we're going to import this as a saved list.

    Lastly, in the fourth, fifth and sixth rows, we have two administrative tags that were clearly added to indicate something that had happened at one point in time, but is likely no longer relevant, so we've decided not to map those. We also have a tag that's been used to indicate people in a ward. As Connect already has wards, this isn't needed anymore, so we've not mapped it.

    Additionally, for each question we've mapped, we'll add something in the notes column to explain what it is and why you've mapped it that way, to make it easier for the HQ team to check that everything has been done in a sensible way.

  • Just let the HQ team know by emailing and we'll make sure you're on the list of people ready to migrate to Fleet! You'll then be in touch when we hit your position in the migration queue and get access to the new tools then.

If you need a hand working through this checklist, then we have a few options for you. You can sign up for an in person migration surgery with one of our experts here: You can also join us on our slack channel - sign up here. And of course, you can email us!

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