Bespoke websites for Liberal Democrat campaigners

We're building a brand new website platform, that's been tailored for use by Liberal Democrats. Find out more here.

What you told us

When we have consulted on online tools over the last year, you gave us very clear what you wanted from a website platform.

You told us that you wanted a tool that was:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Integrated with our data and systems
  • Affordable
  • Allowed us to syndicate content across multiple sites
  • Looked modern and fresh

The tool we picked

We looked at a range of options for how we might want to set up a new website platform, but there was only really one that made any sense - and that's Fleet.

Fleet is being built using the enterprise-ready, tried and tested platform Typo3. Typo3 is used all across Europe by large scale organisations such as universities with federated structures and multilingual requirements (just like us!).

We're using established developers Prater Raines, who have a long history working with the party and recently delivered our exceedingly well-regarded membership management software, Lighthouse.

Working with them, we have launched a heavily customised version of Typo3 to give you a bespoke website tool that is designed to make it easier to run great campaigns and your local party. It speaks Liberal Democrat!

This website is built on Fleet - so it's a great example of what we can do!

Key features

Fleet is packed full of useful features for the Liberal Democrats and is deeply integrated with our databases (Connect & Lighthouse) thanks to our forms tool. Those features include:

  • Quick and easy webpage design, that matches the party brand as standard.
  • Data you collect flows through to Connect & Lighthouse without you needing to do anything.
  • It's easy to share content across websites, and we've launched a demo site that you can borrow from!
  • It's quick and easy to add more users, so everyone who needs a login can get one, and only have access to the bits you need them to.

What it costs you

Organisation Type


Startup local party or Small AO

£27 per month

Development or non-UK local party

£30 per month

Moving Forward / Advanced local party, County Co-ordinating Committee, Small Region or Large AO

£36 per month

Large Region or State Party

£48 per month

Important notes: The pricing for the website platform is per site - not per organisation.

Where local parties within a larger area want to share one website (within a County Council, for example) the pricing will be charged at the size of the largest organisation in the grouping, this allows multiple local parties to share the burden.

The pricing also includes a domain name and a bundled email account - meaning that whilst the pricing is similar to Nationbuilder’s headline rate for most organisations, you are getting a complete package for that price, which does reduce the overall cost to an organisation.

Where the data ends up

When you collect data on Fleet, you will be using our new Connect forms. Connect forms are set up to collect answers to questions in Connect e.g. Will you display a poster in your window at election times. This data is then pulled straight through to Connect, allowing you to use it for all of your campaigning needs, without the faff of manual data transfers and spreadsheet imports.

Connect forms are also used for petitions and email sign ups. Connect forms make the email sign up process easier than ever, and with the Connect intergration you can start using the new emails you collect in our new email tool, Targeted Email, in minutes.