Check, check and check again

Email marketing best practice

Once your email is complete and ready to go - you need to check it to make sure it’s perfect.

Mistakes happen - and you won’t catch them all, but a good quality assurance process will minimise them and mean apologies are rare. To check your email, here’s what to do:

  1. Proofread the content - this is best done by someone who didn’t write it!
  2. Check the links work - test them in incognito mode ( as well, to make sure they work for everyone and not just you.
  3. Send a test of the email to yourself - if you can, check it on gmail and outlook on a phone app and on desktop - that way you’ll cover more than 80% of the platforms that people receive email on.  While you are looking there:
    1. Proofread the content again
    2. Check the links work again
    3. Check that the email looks how you intended - if you’ve pasted text in from Word or Google docs, it may have picked up some styling from those platforms. If you’re not happy with how it looks, copying the text into Notepad and then back into your email platform should fix it.