Printing a Canvass Sheet

Getting Out The Vote - Connect Training

Any list you create can easily be converted to a printable canvassing report. While we highly encourage teams to use the MiniVAN app for canvassing, sometimes teams need to print their list and grab a clipboard.

We recommend that you save ALL the PDFs of all knockup lists locally on the eve of poll so that in the event of an IT failure on polling day with connect you can print off the paper versions from your pdf sheets.

This guide will take you through the steps to create a printable canvass sheet as well as how to set up your canvass sheet to be used on MiniVAN to increase your team’s efficiency!


1. Begin under the My Voters database

2. Loading your List 

Load the list you would like to use by Creating a New list, loading a list you recently created, or from an existing list the My List or View My Folders. (this needs to be edited)

3. Setting up your printed lists

Click the Print icon in the toolbar. The Print Report screen will appear.

Select / enter the appropriate options from the fields listed below:

A) Report Format: this controls the information that will appear for each individual on your canvassing sheet. Walking and Calling List are standard formats that have been shared across the country. Selecting the Report Format may fill the remaining options on this page. If not select the options that work best for you.

B) Script: select the script you plan on using for your canvass. You may also choose your own script. See our guide on Creating a Script.

C) Contacted How: select the source (Calling or Walking). This controls the default order in which the names will appear on your page and the page breaks.

D) Title: Change the name of your list from the default “My List” so that once you print the list, you can easily identify it.

E) MiniVAN Campaign: If volunteers want to use their smartphones and the MiniVAN app you will need to select a MiniVAN Campaign for your list so that it will show up correctly on the app.

  • When you select your canvass type in the Contacted How tab. This will prepopulate the Sort Order boxes in connection to the type of canvass you are doing. You can also modify the Sort Order settings by changing the drop-down options for the sort order and ticking the checkboxes for page breaks.
  • When you select the Walk Canvass Type, your sort order will be:
    • Constituency
    • Polling District
    • Street Name
    • Odd/Even
    • Street Number
    • Apartment
  • When you select the Call Canvass Type, your sort order will be:
    • City
    • Phone Number
    • Name
  • You can adjust these as required
  • You can also remove page breaks to save paper or add them to divide your list.

At the bottom of the page, you will find other options for personalizing what your printed list will look like.

Click Next

4. Accessing your printed PDF list

Your database will create your Canvass sheet as a PDF.

Click on My PDF Files (you can always go back here from the main page as well on the dashboard)

5. Print your Lists

Your canvassing sheets are ready for printing.

Click Download next to the list you want to print to open the PDF of your Canvass sheet.

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