Fleet Deep Dive: Statistics

28 Jun 2022
A graph on graph paper

Understanding who is accessing your website and what they’re viewing makes a huge difference.

It can give you an idea if your campaigns are working, highlight issues you may not have been aware of and help highlight issues with your campaigns.

With Fleet, you’ll get simple, easy to understand and powerful analytics tools as part of your website package, provided by Matomo


What is Matomo?


Lots of people will be familiar with Google Analytics - and we’ve used it historically on our websites.

Matomo is really similar to but has been built in a more privacy-aware way than Google Analytics, which means it’s a better fit for our party’s values.

We’ll be able to import historic data if you’re currently using Google Analytics, so you don’t need to lose any of your historic information if you’ve got it.

It’s really easy to use and simple to understand and it’ll give you a great sense of what content is working on your website.


How will it work?


There’ll be two ways to access statistics on your website. You’ll be able to access the full power of the tool to create custom reports and you’ll also be able to view a simple view of the key statistics you’re interested on your dashboard when you log in to Fleet.

An example of a statistics dashboard on Matomo
An example of statistics on the Fleet Dashboard


You’ll also be able to use Matomo to ensure you’re tracking your most important data.

Want to know how many people are visiting your key petition and where from? Here’s how you can find out!

Want to know how many people aren’t signing the petition? You’ll be able to find that out.

We’ll of course, get you set up with a standard setup that’ll cover most of what you’ll need, but you’ll then be able to customise it further to track what you need.

We’ll also be producing training and guidance for how to use Matomo as part of Fleet, so that you can make the most of this powerful resource.

Even better, this is included in the base price of Fleet - along with a domain name, email account, online forms tool and donation tools.

You can sign for Fleet & Targeted Email here: https://tech.libdems.org.uk/signup