Fleet Deep Dive: Building webpages

17 Jun 2022
A building under construction, like your website will be.

Being able to build web pages quickly, and easily and having them look professional is essential.

That’s why we’ve prioritised making it quick and easy in Fleet, our new website tool.

Where we started was a comprehensive library of designs for all of the page types people could need.



These give you simple and easy pages that you can then customise and add your own content to. They also do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Need a news article, a local joining page or any other common pages? Great, you’ll have a template for that ready to go:



The great thing about our new platform is that you can re-use any of the elements you see on that page independent of the template.

That’s because every part of the design library can be added to a page individually, allowing you to quickly build high-quality pages.

This page you’re reading was built that way!



Alongside Fleet, we’ll be releasing full documentation for every component in the design library, so you’ll know what’s available and how you can use it.

This means that you can customise your website to your needs, without needing to ever touch a line of code and you’ll have confidence that your pages will be on-brand and will work, every time.

This should make it much faster to build high-quality web pages. It’ll also be super easy. You just need to add a component, populate it with content and you’re done!



Want to know more about Fleet? You can find out here: https://tech.libdems.org.uk/fleet got a question? You can find answers to common questions and ask your own here: https://tech.libdems.org.uk/faqs