Targeted Email content preferences

Email marketing best practice

We know from the data that if we target the right people with the right content then we can turn people from ‘subscribed to the party’ to ‘supporting the party’ e.g. as volunteers, activists, donors and members. In order to do this effectively, we need to understand our subscribers’ content preferences. 

Broadly speaking, we know that our ‘audience’ falls into two content categories; people who are only interested in local issues, and people who are happy to receive national campaigns / political news too. 

In Targeted Email, we’ve used Tags in My Campaign to assign content preferences of either ‘Local News’ or ‘Campaigning News’, or both, to all of your subscribed emails. The tags in My Campaign are called "Email Interests: Local news" and "Email Interests: Campaigning News”.  We’ve also created two Saved Searches based on these ‘Email Interests’ tags so you can easily segment your audience based on their content preferences. 

You can use these preferences to make sure you’re sending your subscribers the right content.

The Local News interest is your ‘Local news only’ group. 

These people should receive your ‘Reporting Back’ emails on local content e.g. Local focuses and Councillor newsletters. 

You can segment this list down to wards. Or you can create a Saved Search for a ward based on people with the “Email Interests: Local News” tag. 

The Campaigning News interest is your ‘national campaigning / political / activist news’ group. This doesn’t mean that they only want national campaigning news! 

This means that as well as sending everything you would usually send from your local party, such as updates on your own campaigns, invites to events and calls to action e.g. ‘Come to our pizza party’ or ‘Sign our petition’, you can also let them know about campaigning events and opportunities happening elsewhere in the party e.g. “There is a by-election in ‘x’”, or “‘Sign our national petition on ‘y’”. 

This group of people will contain your most likely prospects for recruitment e.g. activists, non members and petition signers. By emailing your ‘Campaigning News’ group with invitations and calls to action from your local party as well as from other parts of the party, you can encourage your subscribers to journey up the engagement ladder - this is how we grow as a party!

Emailing people from this list with the right content is vital to growing your local party- you cannot grow your party if you only email members and registered supporters.

Whoever you choose to send your email to, Targeted Email will only send emails to people who are subscribed to receive them.