Get ready for Polling Day

5 Apr 2022

Get out the Vote (GOTV) operations on Polling Day are one of the most important parts of any election campaign. But they are often one of the easiest parts to forget the process for, as they are often only run once a year! We have written a short reminder here for two of the main portions of this task; Shuttleworths, and Postal GOTV.


Building Your Shuttleworth

The shuttleworth is the list of people that you will want to doorknock to turnout for your campaign. We have target pools set for this on Connect under the following target pools

  • GOTV: 2022 Labour Facing Shuttleworth
  • GOTV: 2022 Tory Facing Shuttleworth
  • GOTV Scotland

Checking these can be a good way to get a sense of how large the pool of likely LD voters will be in an area, and can give you an indication of what size of GOTV operation you should be planning for.

To help with calculating this information, you can go to the Campaigns Hub to find the “Targets2Win” spreadsheet to download. This can help you determine how large your shuttleworth should be for a winning campaign.

It can be found under the following file path in the Campaigns Hub:

Campaigns & Elections -> Guidance & Manuals -> Connect

If you do not have access to the Campaigns Hub, it can be requested here:

We have a guide to shuttleworths and creating a full GOTV polling day search here:


Postal GOTV

Getting out the vote isn’t just about polling day itself. Postal GOTV is also a major component of getting your supporters to vote. Running this well requires making sure your data is ready for use, by updating your local postal vote data on Connect. 

You will need to request this data from your local council to upload to Connect. Once you have it, you can upload it using the bulk upload feature. We have a guide to that feature here:

If you have not cleared your Postal Votes on Connect in a while, you may want to clear them using the form here:

The Shuttleworth pools are divided into Postal and Non-Postal pools so that you can target a Postal GOTV clearly. But while you use a target pool just as you would for the polling day operation, you do not need to change the script you are canvassing with. The main national scripts will have a “Voted Yet?” question added to them for canvassing! 

This question will also receive data from the page. At the moment, that page is collecting data for By-Elections, but it will start collecting May election on 8 April, when PVs start to land with voters for May

If you need more support from the Connect team then please contact us at

Don’t forget, LDHQ are also hosting lots of training events to help you use your tools and run winning campaigns. 

Here’s what’s coming up next:

P.S. In case you missed it from our last email, we have a handy checklist for Connect Managers getting ready of must-do tasks for Connect Managers here: We strongly recommend giving it a look as we enter the last month of campaigning!